Lots of Good News and Thank Yous

I want to start with some BIG news! In December, I wrote about the great people who work in my school cafeteria. Their recipe for Macho Nachos was a finalist in a competition, and I asked everyone who read my site to vote for them. The Grand Prize was a kitchen renovation. AND TODAY WE FOUND OUT THAT THEY WON!!!!! I know that some of you voted for Macho Nachos, and I want to say THANK YOU FOR VOTING!!!

But there is more good news! Mr.Jones  was named Teacher of the Month at the school he works at. Mr.Jones’s classes participated in my classroom challenge and won!!! I think he deserved this prize!

Also, did you know that baby Piper Walniki has her own website? On the site, she has a guest book and you can leave her good wishes!!! Please think about visiting her website, and leaving a comment for her and her family. You could also make a donation there if you wanted to!

Finally, I want to thank a few people. First, I would like to give a thank you to Mrs. Waggoner for volunteering to bring her bottles to my house. She is one of my favorite teachers!!! I also want to thank Uncle Mike and Aunt Joanie for also donating bottles too. THANK YOU!!! 

So far, we’ve had bottles to return every day! And I am going to be picking up more from people’s houses this weekend. Please let me know if you have bottles that we can return! And we are still collecting Dash’s register tapes as well.

Remember to help me support Ski4E and COTA this month!


One Response

  1. Laura, I’m so glad your school won the prize! The Macho Nachos were certainly a delicious entry. I know your push helped generate interest in the contest, so you should feel very proud!

    I’m going to have some new entries on my blog soon. 🙂 You are doing great!


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