Learning About Internet Communities

Coco was the adult grand prize winner of my December challenge! Today, she let me know that she has committed to an entire year of making a difference too, and what is even better is that she started a blog about making a difference, just like me! This is really great, and I am so excited about this. I hope other people will do the same thing.

Coco’s site is a safe site, like mine. She is moderating comments, and she also put a sitemeter up as well. I’ve added Coco to my blogroll too.

If you have a safe site that is focused on positive ways to make a difference in the world, please let me know! I will add you to my blogroll too. I think it would be really interesting if I could meet some more kids to link to as well. I am learning about internet networks and communities right now. Coco and I have two little “houses” in the same neighborhood now. This is like a community. And we will visit each other!

My mom also showed me an article today that Mr. Will Richardson wrote about sites like mine. Mr. Richardson is leading a big project with schools where I live, and he is also an author. I was really surprised and happy that he wrote about my site. His article sent me some visitors today. Thank you Mr. Richardson!!!!


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  1. Hey! Thank you for the special recognition, Laura! 🙂 You know, even if you and I are the only ones who ever read my new blog, I’m excited about it. 😉

    And how exciting about the article! Dare I say: Laura for President 2035? It could happen!

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