How My Cousins Make a Difference to Me


These Are All of My Grandma and Grandpa Stockman’s Grandchildren!

Last night, we had our big family Christmas party. My dad is one of seven children, and so I have lots of cousins. My cousins make a difference to me because even though there are a lot of us from very little kids like Ryan and Matthew to really big kids like Christopher and Maggie and my cousin Colin who is in college now, everyone is always nice to each other. Nobody ever teases me or acts like they don’t want to hang out with me just because I’m younger than they are. For example, Nina and Patrick and Anthony and I gave a concert last night for everyone, and my older cousins decided to be our band manager and our security team. Which was good because my dad started a mosh pit in the middle of our performance with my Aunt Kate! So, Nolan had to kick them out of our concert. My cousins are the coolest cousins EVER, and they make me really happy! I want them to know that this makes a big difference to me. And I’ll be back later to write about what I’m doing to make a difference today.


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  1. thats so cool me and my best friend jenna sometimes put on concerts to but usually were just dancing and singing alond to a CD but its soo fun!!!

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