How Miss Steinhauser Made a Difference on December 22, 2007

Miss Steinhauser is my favorite instructor at Master Khechen School of Tae Kwon-Do because she is very kind to me and is a very good role model for myself and others. Miss Steinhauser is the only woman instructor that I have at Tae Kwon-Do. When I first started Tae Kwon- Do, Miss Steinhauser had just tested for her black belt, and I was in her first class. Now I am a first bar child black belt. So I have known Miss Steinhauser for a really long time. She works really hard as an instructor at Tae Kwon-Do, every single day! I have had Miss Steinhauser for an instructor for almost six years now, and she has never lost her patience or raised her voice even once! And I take classes three days a week all year round usually! Miss Steinhauser teaches us to have good character and she practices what she preaches. I really like that.

Today Miss Steinhauser really surprised me. She gave me a gift for Christmas! It is called a bo. A bo is a weapon in Tae Kwon-Do that looks like a stick. It is sort of heavy, and it is a really special weapon. I’ve been waiting to learn how to use a bo for a really long time, but my parents said I had to wait until after Christmas for me to get one. I was really surprised by this and really, really happy!

I know that this whole blog is supposed to be about how I am making a difference. And I have done some good deeds today. For example, I cleaned our oven! And I washed down the baseboards in our house too to get ready for our party tonight. But what I really wanted to write about today was how Miss Steinhauser made a difference for ME and how grateful I am for that. It really means a lot to me, Miss Steinhauser!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!


6 Responses

  1. Laura,

    Miss Steinhauser sounds like a very special friend. I’m so glad you got to be on the receiving end of the Make a Difference challenge, because you’ve done many nice things for others!

  2. How cool. I always wanted to take martial arts. I did do karate in college for a little while. and I always loved the Bo too! (My favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was Donatello) Way To Go to you and your Tae Kwon-do teacher!

  3. I’ll bet she is very proud of you!

  4. i love hearing about how you made a difference and i like reading about how others made a difference too its really interesting
    ps. that was really nice of miss steinhauser did for you!

  5. I recently quit about 7 months ago.It was the best sport ever! I loved them all! I was a red belt level 1.They all were great ,especially m.hogan, a.steinhouser,a.piazza<3,t.patterson,j.parker,miss jakie, miss sarah,and w.khechen…..i Iove u all! wish 2 keep in touch <<<<3 Hebaa Rizeq

  6. gooD4 u

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