How I Made a Difference on December 19,2007


 Frank is like another  Grandfather to me. He is kind, generous, loving and caring. He always makes me feel special. Whenever Frank comes to our house for dinner, he always makes a big deal out of seeing Nina and me. He always calls me “Laura dear,” and then he gives me a big hug. Frank gave me my fish bowl for Sushi (my fish) and he always brings me little gifts and tells me funny stories. Frank is Polish, and he is very proud of that. He was also a sailor with the Merchant Marine and he was a private detective too for a long time. He has lots of great stories.

Today is Frank’s birthday, and every year, we bring him cookies. Now that I am a little older though, I wanted to do something special for him because I love him so much!

Today I made a difference by making Frank dinner. He is out celebrating his birthday right now, but when he gets home we will take it to him so he can snack on it tonight and tomorrow. I made him a chicken pot pie……and all my mom did was thicken the broth up toward the end. I did everything else myself (we bought the crust). I also made him a plate of Christmas cookies. Frank always says ” Oh I am too skinny!” and I hope I can fatten him up! 

I’m lucky to have Frank in my life and world! I also love his cats. He has one named Stanley and one named Boris. They are very fortunate to have Frank as an owner because he keeps them nice and plump!


5 Responses

  1. Frank is also lucky to have you.

  2. Sometimes, we get to choose people as part of our families, even if we’re not “really” related. I think Frank considers himself very lucky to have the love of a sweet girl like you, Laura. It’s obvious to me that you are bringing great joy to him.

  3. Thats great what you did for him!!Frank is so lucky to be relaated to someone as inspiring as you!!

  4. to know someone as great as you***

    sry i didin’t read carefully

  5. Laura,
    Drew is dying to know how you do this effect to the photos. I think I have an idea (I play around with photoshop sometimes) but she’d be thrilled if you would explain it to her. When you have some time, please email her at gymgirldrew at yahoo dot com. Thanks!
    Now I’m hungry for pot pie, too!

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