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How Nina Made a Difference on December 18th


Today I helped my daddy put down new carpet in my basement playroom. The old carpet got ruined in the October storm here last year and our concrete floor was cold. I like the new carpet better than the old carpet because the old carpet was not as pretty. Our new carpet is blue. It looks nice with the wallpaper we have in our playroom.

I really like the new carpet. It is cozy.

I went to the store to help pick out the rug. I even helped to carry it to the register! I helped my dad by moving all my toys on to the new rug once it was down on the floor.

We got the new rug because we are having a lot of people over to visit during Christmas time. All of our cousins are going to play in the playroom.

I have a band with two of mycousins. The  band’s name is the Suns. My cousins that are in the band are Patrick and Anthony. They are great! Laura is in the band too.

I like to make my pictures look like cartoons! It is fun!


9 Responses

  1. Well done, Nina!

  2. Nina…I can’t wait to see the new carpet and hear the Suns next concert! I think it;s great how you helped your Dad. I’d just like someone in this house to pick their clothes up from the bedroom floor…that would make a big difference to me! Keep up the good work!

  3. Nina, It looks like not only laura is trying make a difference by doing good deeds but you are trying also. how did you get that picture like that?

  4. Just now saw the pics you posted of CJ’s box starting it’s journey. I’ve been so pre-occupied with excitement about him coming home, I forgot to check my favorite blogs!!

    I aplogize and won’t let it happen again.

    I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

    He is on his way home today (weather permitting) Keep your fingers crossed that he gets here soon!


  5. Don’t apologize Hallie! You don’t have to visit here at all…it’s not a problem. I hope CJ likes what is in the box!

  6. Nina, what a great job you did helping your dad! And I like making pictures look like cartoons too.

  7. Thankyou evry one!

    To Andrew Tony

    Andrw it is nice that you are writeing to me!You are being nice to me!I am going to youer blog now!

    from Nina
    P.S say hi to Luke for me!

  8. Hi Laura!

    I spent this morning working on the meme! I’ll post it tonight so you can see it tomorrow when you wake up!

    This am I got up really early to make cookies for my husbands work! He loves my cookies so I hope he doesn’t eat them all before he gets there! I volunteered to help out some more families in need. I’ll be going through the kids toys and clothes tonight!

    I’ve been enjoying your blog and this “idea” so much that my husband and I decided to make the “twenty five days” a yearly christmas tradition!

    Because of you I thought I need to investigate where to donate blood and platelets. During the holiday season they really need the blood!

    Take care, Tell your mom I said hi!


  9. Great job Nina!

    PS. I like making pictures look like cartoons too its so fun!!!

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