How I Made a Difference on December 17,2007

Today I made a difference by searching for coins in my house and car. Later, I will go to a Coinstar machine and put them in there to get dollar bills back. I am going to give all of this money to the Salvation Army!  I will write more about this later! Right now, Matt Pearl from Channel 2 News is IN MY HOUSE!! He is interviewing me for tonight’s news at 5:00 or 5:30pm. He is asking me lots of questions that are different from what I was asked by the Bee or by WBEN. This is fun!!! Some of these questions are hard to answer though!!


I am hoping that you are writing on your blogs, about the questions from the meme. Remember you are allowed to  tag others.  You don’t have to be tagged to answer them! I think that it would be cool if we could get this meme to go really far!!!! I hope that the chosen people are tagging other people to get this to go really far.


4 Responses

  1. Good for you Laura. What a great idea to spend the entire month thinking of things to do for others.
    God will bless your efforts.

  2. dear laura….
    merry christmas and how are you?? my name is doug young and i’m the news director at wlvl radio in lockport. congratulations on what you’re doing. i think it’s an incredible undertaking and your parents must be very proud. i see you’re getting a lot of attention from channel 2…and i would like to arrange an interview with you as well!! it’s something we could do over the phone before you go to school….or after….whichever is easier for you.
    please have your parents call me at 628-1567…and we can check your schedule. god bless you and have a great day. thanks and until we talk i remain…

    doug young
    wlvl radio
    news director

  3. Laura,
    One of the wonderful things about this blog is that you are showing the power of the written word. You are spreading good with your words, which is fantastic.

  4. Laura- you are an inspiration to many and along the way you are showing folks what power the world wide web really has. I am the Superintendent for Iroquois Central School and we are now using blogs with our teachers and students. It is exciting to see blogging get some positive press while highlighting was a fine young lady you are. Your family must be very proud.

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