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How I Made a Difference on December 16,2007


                                                         Discs for the SPCA

Today I made a difference by going through our cd’s and donating the ones we don’t want anymore to Discs for Dogs. This benefits my local SPCA. Instead of the discs ending up in a land fill they are sold for a dollar and the money goes to the SPCA. This was Mrs.Toney’s idea ( Thank you  Mrs. Toney) and it’s a great one!

My mom and I put a call in with my local SPCA saying that I’d like to voulenteer there long term after the holidays! We have a dog named Biscuit and a cat named Oliver. Oliver came from the SPCA. We got him last year at Christmastime! He likes to tear our curtains down and race up the Christmas tree this year. My mom and dad are really happy about this (NOT).

I love my pets. And when I grow up I want to be a veterinarian. I think I would enjoy this! We just learned about a cool new site thanks to me having to spell that word correctly! It is called dictionary.com. I learned how to spell veterinarian correctly because we looked it up on that site. My mom was an English teacher for a long time, and even she messes up spelling that one.

Tonight, we are going to be doing a MEME. I hope that some of you will play along! I am going to invent some questions about making a difference, and I will answer them in a new post. Then, I am going to tag some of you who have been playing along and ask that you answer these questions in YOUR blogs or in my comments section! When you respond, you can tag other people you know too! I think that getting everyone thinking and talking about what it means to make a difference is a great thing to do during this time of year.


7 Responses

  1. This is the first I’ve read your blog. I found it in a link on someone else’s. Let me just say WOW! I am so impressed and so proud of what you’re doing. I almost cried when I read what this is all about. It truly is using the Christmas spirit for more than Christmas celebrations! I can’t say thank you enough. I know I’ll be adding this to my yearly Christmas to-do list. 🙂

  2. Thank you! I hope you are more impressed by all of my readers who are doing so many great things!! I am hoping to do this again next year, yes!

  3. Hello, Laura.

    I haven’t commented or sent you an email in a couple of weeks but I wanted to let you know I still read your blog everyday and continue to be impressed and inspired by what you are doing.

    Here is a funny coincidence: before I read this post– which I think is great because I love animals so much, too — I decided I was going to write you and tell you about a couple of things I did for pets and people who are kind to animals. Not because what I did was big or great or because I want you think I’m a good person. I just want to share this with you so you know you’ve got some company and that at least one “big kid” who started with you on day one is still here.

    This past week, one of my colleagues at work was selling calendars to benefit this organization: Animal Advocates Society (http://www.animaladvocates.com/). I bought the dog calendar, although I admit I have a hard time reading the stories that accompany each photo. They start out sad but they all have happy endings.

    Today, my dog and I took “people-treats” (Belgian chocolate-coated cookies) to a few of our special friends who throughout the year welcome my Westie and me into their stores and give doggy-treats to one of us. We thought this would be a fun way to say “thanks” for being so welcoming and dog-friendly.

    Laura, I know you will be a wonderful veterinarian.

  4. Perfect. You are raising money and recycling!

  5. Hi Laura,
    This is how I’m making a difference. I work at La-Z-Boy Headquarters in Monroe, MI, in the Fabric Dept. We get samples of fabrics in a lot and then if not used, just throw them out. I take all the soft fabric and donate it to the Monroe Humane Society for them to put in the bottom of their cages. They rely totally on donations only, and is a non-kill shelter, so they are full of cats and kittens (my favorite). I also volunteer for them and started working their Christmas booth at the mall. They didn’t have any large dog coats to sell so since I know how to sew, I started making dog coats for them to sell and then I started making dog beds out of fabric also for them to seel. One of our suppliers down south is donation a skid of discontinued fabrics and shipping it up here and I’m going to sew a bunch of cat hammocks for all the cats in the cages.
    Keep up the good work! God bless you and your family this season and always!
    Mom, you did a fine job!
    Love, Ann Geenens, Monroe, MI

  6. I just saw your Disc’s for Dogs post…I was completely unaware of this! I love it and will be mailing a donation to them.


  7. Hi Laura,

    This really some excellent work, and you are making everyone who hears about this very proud. It’s people like you that grow up to the adults everyone wants to be like. Keep up the great work!


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