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How I Made a Difference on December 9, 2007

Yesterday, we got our tree! Today I made a difference by helping my dad put the lights on our Christmas tree. I also helped to make my dad’s birthday dinner tonight. I chopped and sauteed mushrooms for our steak, and I also set the table for dinner. We had my Uncle Mike and Aunt Joanie over. She helped show me how to chop the mushrooms up. She is an AWESOME cook.

My dad needed help with the lights because some of the lights on our string of lights made the other lights not work. I helped him by putting them on the Christmas tree and fixing them. Now our Christmas tree is very beautiful. We got it yesterday at Forevergreens in Sardinia. We go there every single year. The people there are very nice, and I like the cats that run around in the barn. It is a big red barn on top of a hill.

Tonight, my Aunt Joanie helped me mince the mushrooms for dinner. Also, she told me what she likes in mushrooms and helped me get the garlic and parsley down. It must have paid off because everyone loved them!

When I set the table, I used our Christmas dishes. They are really pretty. They have red berries and leaves painted on them.


3 Responses

  1. This week, because of your enormous, inspiring heart:

    ♥ Five winter coats were donated to the family up the street with a house full of foster children.

    ♥ I loaded groceries into a lady’s car so that she could get her little ones out of the rain and buckled up.

    ♥ All of my scrub shirts and pants were donated to the thrift store that supports the hospital’s auxiliary.

    ♥ I shared my umbrella with umbrella-less people while it rained and rained and rained some more.

    ♥ I bought six blankets and four scarves from the ARC thrift store and gave a scarf and blanket to the four homeless people that I saw this week.

    ♥ The leftover blankets are going to the SPCA.

    ♥ The five dollar bill that I found outside of the grocery store went into the bell ringer’s pot.

    ♥ I put a purple flower under the windshield wiper of someone who I don’t think gets many beauty-full things in her life. I hope she smiled.

  2. Laura,

    This entry really made me smile. So often, those we are closest to are the ones who suffer our benign neglect when we’re looking to do some real good. What I mean by that is, we tend to think that making a difference only means we have to be extra kind to strangers, and we take our families and loved ones for granted. We assume they “just know” that we love them.

    But you are making a real effort to include your family in your efforts, and I know that they love and appreciate you for it.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Thank you!
    And thank you tj for doing real good good! We added you to the spread sheet

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