How Nina Made a Difference on December 8th

Hi I am Nina.Today I had  hockey at seven  fortey nine am. It was a full ice practice. When one of the teams have a seven  fortey nine A.M  practice they have full ice. Full ice meens only your team is on the ice. After you get off the ice you go in the locer room. Today when we went in are locer room we got our jursise and our new hockey socks. I like this sport becuse I thank it is fun. My jursie is black and my hockey socks are black andwhite. My teams name is the Bulls.The ather team name’s are Bears, Falcons, Huskies, Bull dogs, Ice cats,and Braoncos.My frind is on the Bears his name is Vinnie! I also know some one on the Falons he is one of my frainds to! Today I made a difrence because I realy wanted to have the puck at hockey, but I let one other kid have it instead. Moast of the kids are bigger than me and can skate faster and they can be kind of fast. But even thow I got the puck today I shared it. I will NEVER qwit hockey! I love it! THE END!


5 Responses

  1. Nina,

    I am glad that you shared the puck. Most kids who play hockey are taught to hug the puck and not to share it.

  2. Thank you!

  3. How nice that you are bringing kindness to hockey. Most unusual!

  4. Nina,

    You’re such a good sport. It’s a great example to set for the other players!

  5. Hi Nina,
    Awesome job at hockey! It was kind of you to share the puck with that kid, even though you had it. I think you are awesome! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Your friend,

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