How Julie and Laura Made a Difference on December 7th

Hi I am Julie, Laura’s best friend. Today Laura and I made a difference by making holiday cards to send to Alterra Winnwood. Alterra is a retierment home for elderly people. We made four cards and soon we will make gift baskets filled with treats. One of them has a sun on it and it says I hope your holidays are filled with sun, and another has a snowman on it and it says Happy holidays  to you and your family. We had TONS of fun making the cards. We also did something cool. It can help people who have a hard time reading my site or who want to listen to it by podcast. Each entry I have written can be listened to instead of read and you can also subscribe to this feed. I put a widget at the bottom of this homepage too for Odiogo, which powers these podcasts (um, my mom helped with this). We saw thease on Mr. Carr‘s site and they are very cool!!!


3 Responses

  1. What a great idea. Being an elementary school science teacher, I believe that blogging is a crucial part of communicating a powerful idea. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to reading your future posts.

  2. Excellent. I imagine there are a lot of people who need cheering up at a retirement home this time of year.

  3. Julie and I thought that it would cheer up the elderly because they probally miss their family. I think that their family should be able live with them because that woould probally make them happier and less lonley.

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