Making a List…Checking it Twice….

Laura and I spent some time this evening transferring her “paper” records to an excel spreadsheet so that we are able to keep track of who is making a difference. We have been updating it each evening by adding whatever you’ve reported in your comments here or on the blogs we’ve linked to below. If you are uncertain whether or not you are on our list, please feel free to email us at twentyfivedays(at)gmail(dot)com, and we will be able to confirm this for you. 

We are also trying to add updates to the “nice” list at the top of our home page daily, so our visitors can take a peek at all the good you are doing. It truly makes us smile!


2 Responses

  1. You’re doing so great at this! What a lot of work. Thanks for starting this project. It is really making a difference to *my* family in how we approach each day at our house. Way to go!

  2. There is a new charity out now that gives all the money of a donation to the hungry! There are other charities that will give 70% or maybe 80% of a donation to the hungry the rest is taken away as administrative costs. But Help End Hunger Now Foundation is the first end hunger charity ever that gives 100% of a donation to the hungry ,no administrative costs deducted,. My family has already given to this charity and i can guarantee that is one of the best charities around. They also provide better food for the hungry ,other hunger charities with donations give food such as rice, and bread, but when people are so malnurished and they are given carbs and no nutrients they will get a case diahrehia that will actually kill them!! But Help End Hunger Now Foundation provides nutrient dense foods which nurish and energize the hungry and therefore saving their life. If you would like to donate to them or just check them out you can look at their website hear

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