How I Made a Difference on December 5, 2007


The dinner that I made

 Today I made a difference by making dinner for my family.I made noodles, sauce and and sausage. My mom was working late so I made dinner for my dad. My dad usually makes dinner so don’t think that dad is lazy.I loved dinner. Also, I made popcorn for my mom and will play a game with my sister. But before I play a game I will do the dishes.Like I do every night!



I have a ton of books now! My sister is as tall as the pile when it’s on the footstool in my family room! Nina will tell more about the books later because she is writing tonight too so be shure to leave a message on her post and it’s never too late to start the contests!


3 Responses

  1. Great job Laura! That dinner looks very yummy!

  2. Laura, Could you come to my house and make us dinner?!

  3. I’d love to come to London Emily! But I don’t think mom would approve!

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