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How I Made a Difference on December 4,2007


Uncle Mike and Aunt Joanie

My Uncle Mike and Aunt Joanie aren’t exactly my uncle and aunt. They are really close friends of my family. But, they love me like an uncle and an aunt and I love them too!!! My favorite memory of my Aunt Joanie is when we slept over at her house and we played “war”. Nobody was the “bad guys” though. They were imagined. I was the assisstant captain and Aunt Joanie was the head of command. We used cat toys as bombs and full water bottles as missles. It was a “use your imagination game” that everyone loved!

I got to play this with Aunt Joanie because she survived breast cancer.

My good deed is to ask you to visit the Team Why Mommy site and think about joining! This is the home of a new mom who is fighting inflammatory breast cancer. Joining Team Why Mommy would be an easy way to make a diffrence today! My mom is doing this today, for sure. You can also go here like I am going to. This is a site where you can click to donate free mammagrams for those who can’t afford them. Please help other kids like me build memories with the women they love by keeping them healthy!

Today is the deadline for the badge contest. There is a $25 dollar charity giveaway attached to this. Please please please save my mother’s sanity and take part! Otherwise, you may have to put up a really lame badge because she can’t design these things.


3 Responses

  1. Today I figured out how to put up a few ebay listings that earmarked money for particular charities…i think I had 6 auctions and I picked six different charities for them…if they sell the charities get between 50 and 100% of the proceeds (I think four were 100% auctions and two I did 50%)…so wish lots of bids so the charities get some money! I also did more freerice and my daily breast cancer awareness and child healthcare ‘clicks’ at those sites.

    I never figured out whether you just needed a graphic for the badge or whether you needed a whole html kinda thing, so I wasn’t able to see if I could do one. All I could have done was the plain graphic part, no idea how to make it a ‘button’ or whatnot.

  2. Oh, sweetie. Thank you. I am going to put up your badge too. Best of luck in your project — I think the “25 days” is a fabulous idea!

  3. That is really cool, Lynn Anne….and I am excited that you are putting my badge up, whymommy!

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