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If you are one of the readers who has decided to take me up on my challenge, please email me at twentyfivedays(at)gmail(dot)com to let me know who you are! I want to create a blogroll for those that will be blogging along, and I will also create a separate page of participants, so we can see how many people are participating in ANY WAY. Please know that we will not be listing your full name on this page–just your first name (and you can make this up) and your state or country! AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE BADGE CONTEST!!!!


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  1. Here is one blog: Closely Observed. I have another blog so I’ll send the link to that one next.

  2. Here is my other blog called The Edible Balcony Garden.

    I am back at work today but as soon as I get some free time — this evening, I hope, I want to write a little post pointing out your site in my blogroll. I don’t want it to be overlooked.

  3. um..don’t know what the badge contest is (I’ll look after this) but I’m going to be trying to do your 25 days (guess there are only 23 left but I’ll be close 😉 ) and since I blog every day I’m sure I’ll be ‘blogging along’ in my posts. I’ll email you.

  4. Hi Laura! Please add us to your blogroll, as my son and I are very excited to participate.

  5. Count Me In darlin’. I’m going to get my 7 year old involved as well.

  6. We are participating out here in Utah. We are starting with the small stuff, cooperating with each other and working on getting on the NICE list. We have two young boys who are enjoying putting their good deeds into the Advent house already. (instead of taking things out and cooperating is an hourly chore) Thanks for the neat idea to get us all rolling. We went to shovel the other day but all the snow melted off the sidewalks and driveways before we could get out there.

  7. Good idea about the advent house. My four kids are putting a similar twist on ours thanks to your idea. They have to “trade” in a kind deed in order to open the door on their day!

  8. […] Laura’s blog has grown like crazy. Her mom has been adding all kinds of people to the blogroll who have taken up the challenge and they’ve added a classroom challenge […]

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